Comparison analysis of e-commerce

6 Months lalu, Tue, Jan 28, 2020, 22:47:28
The potential of the internet as a medium of marketing and commerce has been widely discussed lately, especially for marketers. The discussion produced a view of e-commerce, specifically internet trading, commonly known as e-commerce, as a business with various possibilities (Raghav Rao in Syahran 2008). According to this view, e-commerce offers a number of new value-added characteristics, for example it is stated that one day ecommerce will replace the way of doing conventional business as a whole. Predictions show that 20% of all shoppers in supermarkets over the next decade will be made through electronic channels (Burke, 1997). Lower prices are also generated through ecommerce, the reason being for example the use of cheaper places, which is possible because this method does not require a centralized location and no need for shopkeepers or sales promotion. In addition, the use of a number of intermediaries can also be reduced (Peterson, 1997).