Financial ratios of manufacturing company

6 Months lalu, Tue, Jan 28, 2020, 22:51:56
Operating profit margin is a measure of the percentage of each residual sale after all other costs and expenses have been deducted except interest and taxes, or net profit generated from each sale rupiah. Net profit margin is a percentage measure of each remaining sales after deducting all expenses and expenses, including interest and taxes. Investment Ratio. Investment ratio is a ratio that measures a company's ability to provide returns or rewards to funders, especially investors who are in the capital market within a certain period. The ratio has the value of benefits for investors according to the function of financial statements for investors to assess the performance of stock securities in the capital market. To be able to do ratio analysis, you must have a clear financial statement consisting of a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement that you can easily. Therefore, you can use the help of accounting software that can facilitate the calculation process. One accounting software that you can use is Journal. Journals can help you have various financial reports with accurate and fast results. In addition, the Journal also provides reports in graphical form that makes it easy for you to analyze business finances in a short amount of time. Get all the valuable information about the Journal here, and start making an analysis of your company's financial ratios now.