The performance of SOE

6 Months lalu, Wed, Jan 29, 2020, 00:04:54
"If it is still in the corridor of performance improvement, it does not need to be provided as long as it is provided input. If the origin of the directors' changes will disrupt the performance of SOE, "he said. A similar sentiment was also said by energy economist from Oxford University. He argues, the ministry should give time to directors to complete the vision and mission is important, so as not to replace it. The SOE Ministry, he said, must make a performance evaluation so that it has standards that must be achieved by directors. He wants, so that succession in SOEs does not merely replace the president director or director but also must prioritize keeping the state-owned company healthy. "Even if it has to be replaced, it must be based on performance appraisal, not just dislike or entrust, so the basis is clear. The exception is indeed doing despicable acts such as corruption or related to other legal cases, "he said.